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A. I. gets a Soul / 'Going Viral' Pop Culture / Violent Police Gangs.


"Vessel for the human soul"  &  Reincarnation

In 'Bruise Art' the ultimate Artificial Intelligence project is created by the iconic designer Jackson Bartholomew to make the perfect ‘vessel for the human soul’ in his attempt to achieve ‘digital immortality.’ A ‘going viral’ stunt goes awry when Jackson disappears off the Ponte Vecchio bridge in the center of Florence, Italy. The world is transfixed. The police drag the Arno River. His body is never found. Is it a ‘law enforcement gang’ murder, a kidnapping, a hoax, conspiracy … or something else?  Moriah Liung, Jackson’s celebrated wife and creative partner, hires the young, brash, Samuel Curien to investigate, to press past the crowds, courts, police, detectives, reporters. From the seamy scenes of underground Silicon Valley to the consuming ambitions of Hollywood, the author captures the triumphs and tragedies of Californian culture at the beginning of the 21st century by expertly interweaving a series of stories: Love, ambition, betrayal, fame. Within his new genre, ‘the Great American Novel-Memoir,’ G. Randolph Barlos explores the issues of our times, from ‘Sil-Val’ Big Tech corruption to police gang violence, all of it under A.I.’s challenge to our ideas of what it means to be human.

A. I. & Reincarnation - "A. I.  receives a human soul. "

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