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Book Three - 'Law Enforcement Gangs of Silicon Valley'

Project type

Novel/Memoir with Illustrations


June 2023


Silicon Valley

Through the pages of this novel/memoir, BRUISE ART, [Book Three of Five] – ‘Law Enforcement Gangs,’ G. Randolph Barlos provides a riveting and harrowing account of the intrinsically violent criminality of secret policing in California, while providing a specific set of legislative measures to bring accountability to undercover law enforcement with the goal of eliminating criminal secret policing throughout California, and eventually the nation. Using a combined novel/memoir genre the author uses reality-based characters at ‘the party’ in an Oakland Hills home to tell the story of undercover/secret law enforcement turned criminal gangs and their use of police-paid criminal ‘partners’ and civilian harassment squads. The character of Samuel Curien experiences that dark world of blatant law enforcement gang crimes in a very similar fashion to the author, thus the use of the novel/memoir genre as the preferred means to tell the story in the most effective and safe manner. The concept of the police chief providing crucial insider information is a ‘work in progress,’ but as yet, aspirational.

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