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Police Culture Reform - Silicon Valley

Project type

Novel/Memoir - Audit of Law Enforcement Gangs of Sil-Val


June 2023


Silicon Valley, CA

“Law Enforcement Gangs – AB 958”

Bringing accountability to undercover/secret policing, their paid civilian ‘partners,’ and civilian harassment squads recruited from state and county detention facilities is the primary goal of this writing. ‘Accountability’ will likely mean eliminating most undercover police programs, as well as dismantling the network of civilian vigilante squads that secretly support their criminal activity. It will take the creation of a new California state agency to oversee undercover/secret law enforcement, annually review remaining programs and personnel, conduct investigations, refer prosecutions.

On January 7,th 2023, an undercover law enforcement criminal gang, calling themselves the ‘Scorpions,’ beat to death Tyre Nichols on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee. The Memphis Police Department euphemistically described the ‘Scorpions’ as a ‘specialized unit.’ The reality was that the ‘Scorpions’ were a criminal law enforcement gang.

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